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comments from people who have been on a tour.


After 15 years of taking your Continuing Education Seminars, & earlier this month my first travel to Columbus Ind., I want to let you know the enjoyment I had with you & the other Architects & designers discovering what a small community has accomplished for more than 50 years.

I always looked forward to your seminars in Florida. I was always hesitant to bring my wife along. Now I can’t wait for the next trip you have planned. Your knowledge of architecture & all the Arts from music to painters, has driven me to extreme design for my clients.

You have made me more aware of our environment which I have instituted in our projects. Once again, thanks for all you brought to me & others in the last tour."

Steven Cohen, AIA


"Dear Jean:

The trip to Columbus to visit the array of buildings by so many renowned architects in one small town was exciting, and it was a great pleasure.  Your knowledge and expertise in explaining and discussing these works were, as usual, exceptional.  The arrangements for guides and transportation to get us around the area went smoothly and made it easy for us to see everything. 

We have learned, over the years, that when we travel with you to significant places, be it Morocco or Italy or Columbus, Indiana, it will be a rich and well-organized experience.  It will also be fun!

Thanks much, Jean!

Best, Bill"

William C. Zoller AIA

William & Janice Zoller traveled with me to Southwest France, Morocco, Northern Italy and took many CEU Seminars since 2014.


"Dear Jean,

Once again, thank you for an incredible architectural tour!  Columbus Indiana was a great choice for seeing some of the world’s best architects and designers represented in a fairly small city full of interesting history and very friendly people. For me, I was very impressed with the research you did before hand, to find such a great hotel which was not only nice and comfortable, but also was centrally located so that we could easily navigate from there every day.  I was also impressed with the places you selected to visit.  We had a variety of churches, houses, library, City Hall, schools, etc. and all of the guides were great.  Our lunch venue was perfect, as I’m sure it’s difficult finding places who can accommodate 12 people with short notice.  My favorite sites were Miller’s House, the Library, and the new IVY College.  I also LOVED the Picasso exhibit at the Newfield’s Museum. What a great trip! 

Thank you," 

Caron Kelly. interior Designer


"Hello Jean, 

 Thank you for a very informative and enjoyable architectural tour. I  had no idea there were so many beautiful buildings in one small town in the mid-west. My father who was also an architect suggested we travel to Columbus thirty years ago and somehow life got in the way so we never made the trip. This visit brought back a lot of fond memories for me. Your knowledge of the architects and their projects in Indiana made the trip very special. I look forward to additional architectural tours with you.  

Thank you again and hope to see you soon,"

Gary Kelly, architect

Caron and Gary Kelly have traveled with me to Savannah, South West France, Loire Valley & Paris, Rome-Venice-Veneto, Greece, and took many CEU seminars since 2013, and will be on a tour to Portugal in May 2023.


"Your tours were such amazing experiences and I continue to draw inspiration form all that I learned in Italy and Spain from your tours!!"

Kim Caravella, Greenwich, Connecticut

"I have taken several European trips as well as domestic tours with Jean and have come back to the US each time simply in amazement. Jean has a way to bring all of the 2D art and architectural books to life in 3D.  He shows you 2000 year old architecture (Pompeii) that you can see feel and touch. ​Jean's historical knowledge is incredible and entertaining.  You stay at the best hotels and you eat at the best restaurants...he knows exactly where to go and what to do. Provence was my latest trip. It was so charming. Each day we all wondered how the heck he could out do himself with the WOW factor in our daily explorations from the day before.  None of his tours are for the weary because they are energy packed days of non stop touring. My friends have joined me on these trips having no art or architectural background and have had an incredible time. I can not think of any better way to get the dreaded CEU's than a tour with Jean... Simply Incroyable!! Bravo Jean, I will see you again somewhere overseas soon!"  

Lora Potts, Fort Myers, FL. 5th tour

"Dear Jean,

I want to take this opportunity to let you know how absolutely fabulous our trip to Provence was with you in September. You are so knowledgeable in so many areas, from furniture design to architecture history and current events. You know all the special places to go and visit, we never would have found. The light shows were particularly special. The villa and the chef were first rate and our entire group was so compatible. No hassles and I attribute that all to you expertise and great attitude. We have always been suspicious of group tours, but you made us believers! But only on your tours! We look forward to our next opportunity to travel with you .

Au Revoir"

Bruce Frazier and Richard Nielsen (First tour)



Our week long trip through Provence could not have been better. As we head back to the states I feel compelled to document our experience for others who have never had the good fortune to travel with Jean Renoux. From the moment we arrived we felt comfortable and cared for.

The house in St Remy was lovely and spacious. All accommodations were comfortable yet authentic.

Traveling with two of my colleagues we always felt safe as we toured the fabulous sights and inspired as we discovered something new at every stop. Our days were completely fulfilling. Our evenings filled with great regional cuisine and interesting new friends.

We felt privileged to obtain all our continuing education credits this way. We will certainly do it again!!!

All my best," 

Lorraine Rogers-Bolton (3rd tour. Travel always with 2 other members of her firm)

I wanted to let you know that our trip to Morocco was fascinating! As always, you out did yourself. The trip was well organized, educational, interesting and varied.
Thank you very much for everything you did and looking forward to the next one.

Jacqueline Albarran, two tours in two years, then on a private tour created for a group of 6 friends to Northern Italy, then in 2020 to Alsace, France.


​“Dear Jean, Both Paz and I, want to express our fondest gratitude for providing to us and our gang the most wonderful experience that makes us wish for the next great adventure in the near future. Thank you for your great patience and friendship and professionalism.

Fondly with warm regards,”

Boris and Paz Baranovich, New York City, (Part of a small group of 3 couples, know as "The Gang," who have traveled together for the past 16 years. Those tours are created for them according to their wishes. The last few they were:

May 206 tour to Spain, September 2011 tour to Germany, September 2014 Croatia/Slovenia/Venice, their 9th trip with me; September 2015 tour to Portugal/Spain; June 2016 Copenhagen/Helsinki; September 2017 to Scotland; October 2018 tour to Tuscany; 2019 to Netherlands-Belgium.

"We were surprised by how secure we felt while traveling in Morocco. The Moroccan people were very friendly and welcoming. The Landscape is stunning from desert dunes to luxurious vegetation in the Atlas Mountains.

We loved to stay in the Riads they were comfortable and the service impeccable. Jean you are a person very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and full of resources. We appreciated your team who went  out of their way to help all of us.

Thank you Jean for this wonderful trip."

Rodney Anderson & Claude Lacasse  

"Again, I want to thank you for the most incredible Greek Tour I recently had the pleasure of being part off and wouldn't hesitate to participate again in the future. Keep me posted. Regards.

Mariel Rubin. Cyclades Yacht Cruise 2014

"What a great tour!!!! Can we do it again?" (About Morocco Tour 2015)

​Mariel Rubin, in 2014 on her 3rd trip with me, went to the Cyclades. In 2015, went first to the Dodecanese Yacht Cruise and then to Morocco. 


"About the Amalfi Coast/Naples/Capri Tour.

Thank you so much for a great trip.  It's still hard to comprehend how you can fit so much into a trip for us.  We sincerely appreciate it!" 

Daniel and Patricia Biechler, Titusville, Florida. (Have been on 5 tours)

"Dear Jean,

Thank you for making our trip so interesting, fun, gastronomic, and just amazing!"

Caron and Gary Kelly, Stuart, FL (3rd tour - Venice Tour - brought 6 friends with them, then brought 7 friends to Greece in May 2018) & Columbus IN, in 2022.

"Over the past ten years or so I have attended many of Jean's seminars both domestic and abroad. They are both informative and diverse.
On an excursion to Rome and the outlying countryside we studied the Architecture and Culture of the Ancient Romans as well as the more modern Art and
Architecture scene. The food and company where excellent! Jean and his consultants are highly knowledgeable, I highly recommend one of his trips whether you are looking for continuing education credits or a total immersion into a new culture."

John Diamontopulos, Diamontopulos Associates Inc., Architect in Greenwich, CT

"Dear Jean,

I was one of 7 on your custom tour of France and Germany to see the work of the famed Architect Le Corbusier.

I know that I personally had a fantastic trip. You arranged visits to 'the' top 4 Corbu buildings and many other wonderful architectural treats.

The Continuing Ed was fun, the food was fabulous, and your help and hospitality were greatly appreciated. You have my endorsement."

Regards, Jim Vignola, Gainsville, FL (Le Corbusier Tour)


"Hey Jean!

Thank you so much for the awesome trip and also all the great laughs. You brought a lot of joy to us and this was the best vacation of our time."

John & Margerita Dodd, Fernandina Beach, FL. Cyclades Yacht Cruise, then went to Turkey and on the Dodecanese Yacht Cruise.

"Jean, I wanted again to express how wonderful my cousin Nancy and I thought our Art and Architectural trip to Cuba in January 2016 was. The places you and our guide Frank and the bus driver took us to, were unforgettable places we could never have found on our own. The Hotels and Restaurants were fabulous and so charming! also the size of our group and the people we met, were amazing and we still keep in touch! Thank you for such a great, well planned trip."

Cameron Cox, Sarasota, Florida and Nancy Davidson Cromwell, Connecticut


"Hi Jean.

Just wanted to extend this thank you note on Martha and I's behalf.

The Greek Island tour was a fabulous experience; the food, the wine, the scenery, the history and the group were simply amazing... We had wonderful and unforgettable time!

Hope we can join you again in the near future.Best Regards,"

Luis & Martha Victoria, Miami, FL. (Cyclades Cruise)


“The tour was perfectly planned and carried out. You gave us all the feeling you cared and I am most grateful.”

Edgar Tafel, FAIA, New York, NY (worked for over 8 years with Frank Lloyd Wright, was in charge of supervising construction at Fallingwater and at the Johnson Wax Building and wrote three books about his experience. Meeting rooms at the New York Center for Architecture were named after him. He took three courses and two tours to France).

“Presents art, architecture and history in a way in which it finally makes sense! His explanation of all of the marvelous things we saw, including the landscape, was perfect and to the point. Excellent! Wonderful! Brilliant! Thank you for changing my life. I see the world of design differently now thanks to you.”

Philip A. Ruggieri, R.A.,Turnersville, NJ

I have had the privilege of working with Jean for the past year. His personality and charm have brightened my day many times. He is very well versed on architecture and world travel. It is safe to say that he knows the world as well as most of us know our own backyard!
In January, I went on a trip to Israel. Jean gave me great tips on what to see and what to avoid, all of which were very helpful tips during the journey. I would recommend him to anyone looking to have a fun trip and learn something along the way.

Alec Sandler, ITIL v3, CSM Senior Business Analyst / Scrum Master / ISO at B3 Group, Inc.


“Jean made history, architecture, & décor meaningful! Although I’ve taken courses in art, architecture, history and design, they never came alive and blended together like they did in this presentation. This is the only way design should be presented! Everything I have ever read or learned previously now has meaning. I can truly understand the purpose and intent of interior design and architecture as it relates to the French regions of Burgundy and Provence. I will attend every class Jean gives that I can afford the time and money to go to – it’s worth it. I realize now how much there is to learn. This tour has made me want to be a better designer and to educate others about interior design.”

Sherry Ruggieri, ASID, Turnersville, NJ (She & her husband took tours to France and seminars).


“Learned more in one week than a regular college semester. Looking forward to doing it again!”

Karen Sundeen, Clearwater, FL (Two tours)


“Nancy and I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the trip to Provence and Paris. This trip ranks with the best vacation trips we ever taken. Your direction and "lectures" bridged the cultural gaps that existed before the trip. Your choice of hotels, cafes and restaurants was superb. This trip was a perfect blend of seeing new sights, experiencing a new culture and language, enjoying good food, and learning a lot in the meantime. Our preconceived ideas of France and the French were completely changed for the best. Please keep us on your list of future trips.”

Mr. & Mrs. R. Cota, Sarasota, Florida


“Anyone considering a trip to France with Jean Renoux will not be sorry... Most important however is Jean's knowledge and his ability to plan a diversified trip.”

Mrs. B. Gafill, Siesta Key, FL


“We feel particularly fortunate to have had you as our personal guide for the trip..

I admit I learned more about art and architecture, ancient and modern, than I have ever had the opportunity to learn before.... Thanks again for a lovely trip.”

Mr. and Mrs. W. Pickle, Sarasota, FL


“The best was the comprehensive/extensive presentation of history and architecture. The architectural universities should seek his professional knowledge and services.

Thomas Albers, Apopka, FL. Charleston & three other tours + many seminars. 


“Best tour I’ve been on! Organization was great! The instructor was so knowledgeable.”

Kathy Gillman, Orlando, FL. Went on 4 tours with her husband


“Jean has an amazing knowledge of history and architecture – I’m inspired to learn more! This tour will help me greatly.” 

Chip Murrah, Atlanta, GA


“The best feature… the instructor’s vast knowledge.

The worst… it wasn’t a month long. Don’t change a thing! It’s fantastic!”

Marcello Luzi, Philadelphia, PA. Went on three tours.


“The trip to France with you was the best trip we ever made. You certainly went out of your way to make everyone happy. Your planning, knowledge and wit made it a all an unforgettable experience. We haven't developed the accent yet, but as we put on some pounds during the trip, we are now both partly French”

Barbara & Kaj Marc-Wogau, Weaverville, NC


“Our tour guides were outstanding, polite, knowledgeable well spoken and gave us the opportunity to participate in tours to architect’s offices, city planning offices and historic sites that we probably would not have been able to see. Two university professors stood out. The opening remarks by a survivor of the communist system and Professor Scheploff’s view of architecture. This was an opportunity to see Central Europe, its history, architecture, decorative arts and local culture. For this we thank you.”

Thomas.F. Cole, C+R Achitects, Cincinnati. Prague, Vienna & Budapest. Came also on other trips including one in Italy.


“Tour ranks significantly better than others of its kind due to instructor’s vast, brilliant and insightful knowledge of all subjects, enabling him to address specific topics in depth… An unforgettable experience to be treasured for the rest of one’s life!”

Brenda Hutchins, Winston-Salem, NC. Her husband and her, hired Jean for a private tour of Provence after having taken a group tour with him to the Loire Valley.


“Mrs. G. and I thank you for the most enjoyable tour of Paris and the Loire Valley. We were impressed by your efficient tour, friendly treatment of us, your willing accommodation of our every need and whim. We appreciated your doing the many extra things for us that made the whole trip memorable. We would like to travel to France again with you as our guide. In the meantime we will recommend your services to anyone.”

Mr. & Mrs. I. Gillespie (Grand Rapids, MI)


“The best was the breadth of knowledge of the history and culture of France. The worst was having to go home. A treat for the eyes, ears and mind.”

Elias Benabib, Harbour Island, FL


“Dear Jean,

We have never had a more delightful trip. The variety and interest of your choice of activities for us has been tops. And you have taken wonderful care of us. Many, many thanks. Sincerely,”

Liz & Dick Krueger, Asheville, NC


“We appreciate so much the opportunity to have shared time with your delightful tour group. You have our highest recommendation in all areas. It amazes us how we were able to see and do so much in such a short while. Jean, your historical insight was an added dimension beyond compare. You are truly a great guide!”

Marilyn Vaughn, ASID, Mount Dora, FL. Took three tours, the last one in Savannah  

"The absolute best CEU tour I have taken in twenty years!”

Janet Garner, Atlanta, GA. Mrs. Garner came on a tour of the Loire Valley. The following year she took 18 employees from her firm on the same tour. Then a year later she came on a tour to Italy.

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