Jean Renoux approved AIA active and inactive courses since 2000

322 courses

(Some are in two versions: one I am the instructor either in a class room or on a live webinar, the other is a self-learning Internet  available course with a quiz).  

(Some were renewed a few years later, but were quite different and with added materials or information).


PLUS all those NEW courses FOR 2018-2019:

A Sustainable Distillery 5HSW/LU

Charles Rennie Mackintosh 6HSW/LU

F.L. Wright & sustainable architecture 150 years later 4HSW/LU

Glasgow Bicycle City Project 4HSW/LU

High Altitude Sustainable Hotels 6HSW/LU

How to create Superior Indoor Air Quality 5HSW/LU

Hurricane Proof Houses - A Discussion 4HSW/LU

Passivhaus Affordable Housing 6HSW/LU

The Sarasota School of Architecture Movement

            Green Concepts 5HSW/LU

Understanding Wind Energy and its Future 6HSW/LU

Global Trends in Interior Design 2HSW/LU

A Short Story of Styles 2HSW/LU

Drayton Hall Palladian Villa 5HSW/LU

Charleston Historical Houses 8HSW/LU

Greek Revival in the USA 6HSW/LU

Richard Neutra advanced Green concepts 2HSW/LU

Viennese Workshop and the beginning of Modern Architecture 6HSW

What the Modernist Houses of the 50s could teach us 2HSW/LU

Otto Wagner's 6HSW/LU

Josef Hoffmann and the Vienese Workshop 8HSW/LU

Italianate Architecture in Southern USA 8HSW/LU

The Medici Villas: Poggio, Castello & Petraia 6HSW/LU

Understanding Opportunities for High Performance in Retrofitting                  and Redesigning Buildings 6HSW/LU