After 28 years of providing Continuing Education to Architects and Interior Designers, as well as creating and conducting tours for

35 years, to more than twenty-five countries, in Europe, Middle East and North Africa, mostly geared to those professionals, I had many non-architects and non-designers on my tours who really enjoyed them, and some of those encounters gave ways to professionals getting clients. That is why I am opening them to the curious travel lovers, interested in Art History, History of the World, Architecture,  Music & Food.

Besides the tours and seminars, I frequently lecture on History of Art, Architecture, European History, European Jewish History, the Arab Civilization, the Ottoman Empire, and French Literature, in Universities & Museums.


​The tours are for small groups up to twelve participants, very often open to only eight of them.


​I also create private tours for families, friends, co-workers wanting to travel together to a specific destination of their choice, with their own list of things to do or see.  ​Many times, I took only a single person or a couple who wanted to travel to a chosen country. 

Click here to see what travelers have said about my tours, and here about what people think of my lectures or seminars.

email: - US office #: 941-726-1400 - Europe office: +33 686-379-655  

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