Eliel Saarinen’s Central Railway Station (1914


Helsinki - Jyvaskyla - Northern Lakes Region - Alvar Aalto's greatest works - Eliel Saarinen's best works

8 participants maximum

JUNE 7 to 17, 2017

Day 1: Wednesday - June 7: Fly from the US to Helsinki. (Airfare not included)

Day 2: Thursday - June 8: Arrive in Helsinki. You will be picked up at the airport and driven to the hotel. We will all meet for dinner.

Our hotel was a jail until 1948


Day 3: Friday - June 9: A walking visit of the Center of Helsinki looking at the interesting  array of different styles of architecture from Byzantine Russian to Neo-Classicism to Art Nouveau. The city is so full of interesting buildings, walking around is a feast for the eyes. The tramways system is very easy to use and help use get quickly to  places we want to see. Helsinki has the largest concentration of Art Nouveau in Northern Europe. We will visit Our promenade will bring to a Neo-Renaissance building designed by Theodor Höijer, the Ateneum Art Museum which has a very interesting art collection.

We will visit the Railway Station designed by Eliel Saarinen in 1919. The BBC in 2013 choose it as one of the most beautiful railway station in the world. Having traveled a lot on train throughout Europe, I personally agree with that statement. Saarinen moved to the US in 1923. He designed  the Cranbrook Educational Community in  

Bloomfield Hills where he taught many students who became famous on their own rights. He also designed the Kleinhans Music Hall in Buffalo, recognized as one of the greatest concert halls ever built in the United States. In Columbus Indiana, he designed one of the greatest Mid-Century house, the Miller House. His son Eero, designed the Gateway Arch in St Louis and my favorite air terminal the TWA Flight Center at JFK, which soon will transformed into a hotel

Dinner on your own.


Day 4: Saturday - June 10:

Day 5: Sunday- June 11:

Day 6: Monday - June 12:

Day 7: Tuesday - June 13: Jyväskylä, Dinner

Day 8: Wednesday - June 14: Visit the Muratsalo Experimental House on the lake of the same name designed  by Aalto. His aim was to create a kind of laboratory which would at the same time be combined with a playful approach.

We will also visit the charming church that Aalto designed across the lake from his house, Muurame Church.








Day 9: June 15: Jyväskylä Vanhankirkontie 9, Petäjävesi, and Korpilahti, Finland

day 10 June 16 Helsinki Dinner

day 11 June 17 Leave